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Protection of animals welfare society.

Our Vision & Mission

PAWS, is a Mauritian community driven animal welfare organization with no affiliation to any political, ethnic or religious group. 

We are a transparent CSR-accredited NGO and are totally reliant on public donations and CSR sponsorship.

PAWS aims to improve the lives of companion animals in Mauritius and assist in humanely managing the population of dogs and cats via education and sterilization. Our goal is to prevent and eliminate all cruelty to all animals whether arising through ignorance, neglect or deliberate cruelty.

That all animals be treated with kindness and respect.

As PAWS moves into the next generation of our animal welfare mission, we remain, passionately convinced that there is a dire need to push our sterilization and education efforts into a higher gear, both for the welfare of Mauritian animals and local and international reputation of our country as a humane society.

In 1999 PAWS pioneered animal welfare fieldwork and advocated a national sterilization campaign, supported by a vigorous education program in schools, community centers and corporations. 

PAWS believe that sterilization and education is the only humane and sustainable solution to the overpopulation of dogs and cats in Mauritius.

To date PAWS has sterilized over 50 000 dogs and cats and rehabilitated and re-homed thousands of these distressed and abandoned animals.

PAWS Position Statement

PAWS does not view euthanasia as a compassionate or sustainable means of managing the stray dog and cat overpopulation problem in Mauritius. 

PAWS primary mission through our education programs is to inform the public of the dire need for sterilization and provide subsidized and low cost sterilizations to pets of those who come from financially disadvantaged households. Although we do ask for minimum donations, no animal will ever be refused sterilization because of lack of funds. 

PAWS provides an extensive island-wide adoption service to place appropriate animals in safe, responsible homes and practices TNR (trap/neuter/release) whenever appropriate.

At PAWS, we uphold that there are no "throwaway" animals.

PAWS will always do the very best we can for each individual animal.

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